Monday, 18 February 2013

A Leo at home!

Plush colourful homes we have,
Sitting on the porch in the sunshine,
Windchimes everywhere,
Laughing, joking all the time,
Singing to the washing on the line,
Luxury at it's best,
Equality for all,
"Think of your own qualities, dear!"
Righteousness to the fore
Thoughtfulness evermore,
"Every thought matters!"
Careful and kind,
Pleasant of mind,
With joys everlasting
Keeping us fasting
Helping to see that life is worth living
Sofas of bliss
Sealed with a kiss
"Something's amiss!"
Look carefully around you
What do you find
It's good to be kind
Friend or Foe
Only you know!
Wise to the core
Life evermore
Welcome to paradise!


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